CCP Tool

z/OS Cost & Capacity Planning

CCP-Tool allows your organization to forecast medium and long-term requirements for z Resources by simulating the changes to your capacity needs – both for hardware and software. It supports you when developing a strategy for your future capacity requirements across your z environment.


Easily build an accurate Capacity Planning

  • Stop approximation
  • Put an end to manipulation errors
  • Cut off waste of time
  • Increase your reactivity
  • Optimize Human Resources
  • Improve share of information between departments
  • Use a reliable methodology to build a strong case for budget approvals!

The first step to control costs

  • Determine the most cost-effective evolution
  • Size your hardware according to your needs
  • Predict software costs
  • A solid basis to control activity & costs on a daily scale
  • Keep control on your IT budget
  • Confront your predictions to the reality, on a monthly basis
  • Quickly resize your infrastructure in case of unexpected deviations