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Dino Explorer Suite

Hold Sway Over Your Mainframe

The Dino Explorer analyzes z/OS operations in complex IBM Mainframe environments and underpins the IT planning and decision-making process in terms of business and technology.

z/OS SMF records are collected in real-time, without producing mainframe I/O and consuming minimal CPU time. The information is pushed to a decentralized database for research and retrospective breakdown. A broad audience benefits from the valuable information hub, including C-Level, IT-Financials and System Programmers.

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The ultimate solution for SMF data agglomeration and analysis

Extract z/OS mainframe events in real-time

Aggregate and consolidate SMF events within Dino database

Correlate and summarize mainframe events in business views

Keep long-term historical data on call for trend analysis and forcasting

Non Intrusive Mainframe Software (NIMS)

The non-intrusive concept enables customers to capture SMF logs 24×7 and to save years of historical data online, available for trend analysis and forecasting.

  • Zero I/O on z/OS
  • Insignificant CPU usage
  • Negligible impact on production environment
  • Database/Visualizer run on open system platform
  • Proprietary messaging and collectors

The suite of Explorer products encompasses:

CPU Explorer

Mainframe Capacity Planning

Dinos CPU Explorer gathers all information related to program, jobs and step executions in a database and provides a broad range of views using the SMF 30 (accounting) records as well as RMF 70.1 (CPU activity).

  • Execution of Jobs and Programs (including time & duration)
  • Executed Services
  • Termination (JCLerror, Normal, Abends)
  • RACF User(groups)
  • Consumed Service Units
  • Details & Totals of I/O

CICS Explorer

CICS Performance Measurement and Transaction History

The CICS Explorer provides up-to-date and historical analysis of all CICS transactions. All Information is structured in a relational database, which holds an extensive number of counters like

  • Elapsed Time
  • CPU Time
  • Chars sent / received
  • Java Executions

Contents are retrieved from SMF 110 records.

DASD Explorer

Storage Administration and Performance

This Dino Component compiles disk storage subsystems information (using DCollect commands). Caters for browse and search in current as well as historical views with capacity & topology.

  • Configuration Explorer
  • DASD Cache Activity
  • Cache Operations
  • Storage Group Performance
  • IOPS vs. Response Time

Dataset Explorer

Dataset Administration and History

Dino Dataset Explorer provides information on VSAM and non-VSAM files, showing the use of resources, Jobs related to each dataset and much more. Counters include EXCP’s, Opens, Inserts, Delets, Updates, CI-Splits, CA-Splits, etc.

Non-VSAM view

  • Dataset usage history
  • Storage class utilization
  • Jobs accessing datasets
  • Most frequently accessed datasets
  • I/O activity

VSAM view

  • VSAM utilization history
  • Jobs accessing certain datasets
  • Datasets assigned to a job
  • Most frequently used VSAM files
  • Highly split datasets

I/O Explorer

Address EXCP sessions from SMF 30 records

Dino Smart Production

Monitoring and Reengineering

Real-time monitoring of mainframe batch processes and events. Set up multiple monitors related to a Job chain or define your job according to your knowledge about it and simulate production conditions.


Online and Batch Monitoring

Reverse Engineering
From jobname

Builds Job Dependency Diagrams for a given Jobname

Job Database for SLA Checks

Job executions

Step executions


Historical information

Elapsed time, CPU time, Service Units…


  • Maintaining a database of mainframe services.
  • Very small mainframe footprint.
  • Scales to billions of records.
  • Provides a 360 degrees overview of the mainframe environment.
  • Standardizes processes to collect SMF records.
  • Serves disciplines of governance.
  • Generation of important information for BIG DATA analytics.
  • Meets regulatory requirements such as SOX (Sarbanes-Oxley).

Dino Explorer Suite will build a complete mainframe SMF log database environment for Governance and Analytics. It enables to collect SMF logs in real-time, in a fully automated, user-friendly and highly efficient way, hence incurring cost reductions. Based on a distributed  system platform, Dino uses its own extractors and messaging system in a non-intrusive way of assorting and consolidating all essential mainframe log records.