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Planet-MainFrame Built on the premise of collaborative innovation, Planet Mainframe was formed to provide the mainframe community with access to a broad and unmatched source of specialized knowledge
zcost zCost Management software suite provides you with solutions to reduce and control your IBM Monthly License Charge costs, optimize your Mainframe resources, and comply with your Service Level Agreements as well as your budget commitments. Their complementary software, ASC, Dino Explorer Suite and CCPTool, will help you better manage your data center by forecasting the future and reduce your costs.

RES Technology is one of the fundamental and essential aspects that determine and enable RES to be further qualified, competent and reliable, always with aiming to focus on innovation and on the constant improvement of tools, architectures and platforms, whose state of the art is guaranteed by significant and effective investments, research and development actions and from dedicated Competence Centers.

The constant internal mapping and interpretation of the business processes within the client’s IT systems, make it possible for Res to continuously evolve its products and services in adherence to the constant changes in the competitive market in which the client is operating (its business).

The staff is set up of more than 100 professionals in Italy. Furthermore RES has an office based in the United States of America and is active worldwide thanks to a strong partners network system.

Finally, experience and qualifications make RES the ideal partner, able to provide corporations and organizations with high quality and added value offering.

MS_logo_new MainSoft International A/S is based in Denmark with operation in all the Nordic countries. Among its customers you will find most leading banks and other financial institutions and large companies in the 5 Nordic Countries. This customer base is not only one of our most valuable assets, but also a major source and influence for product improvements and requirements. A strong platform and a vital factor in all fields of software development and quality.
HostBridge CorreLog, Inc. is the leading ISV for cross-platform Security Information & Event Management or SIEM. Security events generated from CorreLog software agents send real-time messages from z/OS, DB2, IMS, Linux on z, Windows, UNIX, Linux, SAP, and other open-source systems to any SIEM or Security Operation Center.

PM_DKL As the global leader in Data Performance and Optimization Solutions, the world’s largest banks, credit card, brokerage, insurance, healthcare, retail and telecommunication organizations rely on DataKinetics to dramatically improve their data throughput and processing. With more than 35 years of experience in the field of Data Performance and Optimization, we continually help our clients leverage existing systems, optimizing the issues that hold them back, and developing plans to propel them forward. Leveraging the experience and success of working with our global clients, we deliver proven solutions with worldwide success.

With a strict focus and legacy of working with the largest global companies in the world, we have built our mandate and reputation on the tremendous success of our clients. Thus, through a deep seated and fundamental understanding of our clients and their needs, we continually work to save them billions of dollars all while improving application performance and reducing IT risk. Isn’t it time you joined the most successful companies in the world that use DataKinetics?

SQData SQData, a privately held company, was founded in 2000 with the vision of providing enterprise-class data integration technology and professional services. Our mission is to provide customers with the best value available for a comprehensive data integration solution.

rsi-trans-180 Expert in Software Testing and Quality Insurance, RSI has over 900 employees and serves the entire Brazil’s territory. InSoft-Infotel partner for more than 10 years, RSI has extensive experience based on millions of man hours dedicated exclusively to projects in software quality assurance in various segments of business: financial, telecom, industry, retail…

img10229859 LJA is specialist in implementing and maintaining technical and software infrastructure for large IT organizations. Based in Mexico, LJA has over 20 year experiences in mainframe development and administration.
pharos To mentor organizations in deploying a leadership system that aligns the leadership team, sets clear functional accountabilities at all levels, supports the development and deployment of strategies and improves both leadership and work effectiveness, hence delivering higher values to the Shareholders, Customers and Employees.
log-on With over 20 years of experience, Log-On provides superior expertise in the areas of software projects, software applications development and outsourcing. Log-On’s unique strength is its highly qualified staff – with over 200 highly trained experts in software, security and data communications Log-on is able to provide innovative, hi-end solutions for the most demanding programming problems. The company’s expertise in hi-tech product development, as well as its vast experience as a software solutions provider, has enabled it to service prestigious hi-tech clients such as Amdocs, Comverse, and Akamai, as well as traditional enterprises ranging from insurance companies to governmental agencies.

SoftPlex SoftPlex is based in Japan and provides software products and its related services for IBM mainframe.

ogsconsult_2012_v13001003 OGS Consulting provides consultancy for the IBM mainframe environment – z/OS. Including Auditing z/OS, Storage (DFSMS), Security (RACF/ACF2), Databases (CICS/VSAM, DB2), Networks (SNA and TCPIP) and applications(including BATCH)