The easiest solution to secure and share digital originals

ArcCFN is software providing a global solution for all organizations requiring creation and management of its own e-vaults service for a large number of users. ArcCFN provides all users one or more personal e-vault to retain and certify electronic data.

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An ArcCFN user can deposit, receive and retain electronic data online in one or several e-vaults.

  • Data are deposited by a user or an authorized third-person
  • The ArcCFN web interface is intuitive and can be customized to match the corporate identity.
  • Web services and injectors are used for mass deposit.
  • Users can add, move, copy, rename, look at or delete files in their own e-vaults.
  • File indexation and searches are made by keyword, date, weight, file name or custom metadata mask.

Protect data and its probative value

The ArcCFN software electronic e-vault solution, guarantees confidentiality and security of probative and non-probative data.

  • ArcCFN has a strong authentication system to ensure secured access to the e-vault.
  • File integrity is monitored during the entire conservation period to prevent accidental or deliberate data corruption risks.
  • A cryptographic system is used to encode e-vault content.
  • A traceability mechanism, linked to a timestamping certified system, is used to log all operations on the platform.
  • A deposit function anonymizes the e-vault’s owner.

Certify data exchanges

ArcCFN provides a poste restante feature for each user to receive files delivered by third-persons.

  • ArcCFN allows each user to authorize a third-person to deposit files in an e-vault.
  • The delivery system is used for linking to web services and the CFN’s API.
  • An acknowledgement of receipt can be sent to the sender as a proof of file reception.
  • Each deposit has a certified timestamp with fingerprint verification or an electronic signature.
  • ArcCFN builds a complete folder of evidence to guarantee the probative value of each deposit.

Industrial solution to support

ArcCFN has been developed to guarantee an efficient and reliable service for large data volumes and for a significant number of users.

  • ArcCFN is based on a cluster and scalable architecture to adapt to increases in workload.
  • The native management of load-balancing is used to distribute workload across the different platform components.
  • The simplified management of asynchronicity helps maintenance operations without impacting the users ( e.g. media migration, equipment changes, etc.)
  • ArcCFN is completely separate from technology and storage media used.
  • ArcCFN can be integrated into Arcsys software to enjoy the benefits of advanced electronic archiving functions.