The Hardware and Software compression leader

InfoPak offers the best compression rates for your online and backup data. InfoPak reduces the cost of online and offline space, thus considerably reducing the number of accesses required to process the same quantity of data. InfoPak is compatible with many hardware technology levels and offers the choice between software and hardware compression. InfoPak applies to DL1, DB2, IDMS and DATACOM data types, as well as to VSAM, sequential files and PDS.

Unique Sofware Compression Technology

  • InfoPack does not use external compression tables.
  • Technologies based on specific tables or dictionaries can expose users to data integrity problems in the event of alteration, loss or confusion of these tables.
  • InfoPak guarantees the highest level of compression with 100% data security.
  • InfoPak guarantees a maximum compression rate over time as data changes.

A simple operating mode

  • Simply choose the desired compression module according to the objectives set (compression rate and CPU consumption).
  • A number of “intelligent” algorithms are found in each module that is automatically allocated to data, according to its type.
  • No human intervention needed and maintenance of optimum compression during changes in data assured.

Hardware Compression without Constraints

  • With InfoPak, users benefit immediately from hardware compression without superfluous equipment.
  • InfoPak makes Infotel the sole provider of a hardware solution for IDMS and DATACOM sites.
  • Switches from software compression to “hardware” compression using InfoPak in both directions without conversion, and without loading/unloading.

  • InfoPak, is a very powerful tool for sites that use, or will use, a number of machines with different technologies (whether or not they are equipped with a hardware device), as is often the case in a recovery situation following an incident (on the backup site).