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Facilitate project management using Business Intelligence

Infoscope provides a Decision Making Dashboard to assist all software development project players. Measurement data are automatically collected, aggregated and analyzed.

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Infoscope Sources Dashboard
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Assess application quality

Infoscope can assess software product quality, whether it is a new development, application maintenance, internal or outsourced.

  • Applications are assessed according to standardized characteristics such as maintainability, portability, functionality, reliability, etc.
  • Software quality standards are implemented, for instance: ISO/IEC 9126, SQALE, HIS, GSWS, etc.
  • The role-based dashboard gives a synthetic view of the key indicators.
  • Information is accessible within 3 clicks, from the global project rating to the line requiring correction.
  • History enables indicators and findings over several runs to be compared, displaying quality development over the deliveries, helping to anticipate any potential non-compliance.

Automate quality audits

Infoscope enables source code quality audits to be automated, revealing all findings and violations.

  • Source Code Analysis Tools are available for the following programming languages: ABAP, Ada, C, C++, C#, COBOL, Java, JavaScript, PL/SQL, PHP, Python, VB, etc. The following metrics are also provided: complexity ratio, programming rules density check, code cloning detection, etc.
  • A set of specific rules is supplied for each language. These can be enhanced or adapted according to specific project characteristics.
  • Enforcing clearly identified rules contributes to improving the developer’s training.
  • The Web-based interface enables end-users to browse the details of each finding and visualize the related source code.
  • The plug and play approach makes Infoscope easy to integrate into your system. It enables key indicators from any already-in-use tools to be collected and consolidated, thereby obtaining a high-value analysis. Infoscope supplies many data providers for systems such as : checkers, dynamic analyzers, bug trackers, change or requirement management systems, etc.

The concept of Technical Debt

Because of its simplicity and convenience, the concept of Technical Debt has quickly become a benchmark indicator for managing application development projects. Infoscope determines the Technical Debt and generates action plans according to remediation factor and violation severities.

  • A turnkey solution that, measures and controls development quality: Technical Debt calculation and implementation of the standardized calculation method: SQALE (Software Quality Assessment based on Lifecycle Expectations).
  • A user friendly rating system, denoted by a graded color chart with letters from A to G, just like Energy Performance Certificates together with workload estimation in man-day, currency or any self-defined unit.
  • Fast identification of risks and quality issues within a project portfolio, thanks to a double drill-down from quality characteristics and/or artifacts such as project, package, method or function.
  • Indicators can be consolidated with other data, for instance, implemented project requirements, documentation quality, test campaigns, etc.
  • Optimized and unbiased action plans can be generated to reduce your projects’ Technical Debt.

Project control and action plan conception

Beyond a metric and shared vision of applicative quality, Infoscope allows the automatic generation of quality improvement plans.

  • The variety of information generated throughout the quality process is automatically processed to identify critical failures.
  • Once it has been associated with a mastered quality assessment model, the Infoscope decision engine allows you to determine automatically the priority actions required to reduce the technical debt.

  • The selection of critical defaults allows you to build the ideal “to-do list” based on factual elements adapted to project constraints. Infoscope interfaces itself with the greatest variety of change management tools in order to enrich the developer’s backlog automatically.