Real-time Data Replication

SQData is a comprehensive real-time data replication and synchronization solution. SQData provides data capture, transformation and instant propagation in relational and non-relational repositories such as DB2®, Oracle®, SQL Server®, IMS®, VSAM®, MySQL®, Postgre SQL®, Teradata®, etc.

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From real-time IS to Big Data

SQData is a multi-purpose high performance solution that addresses multiple business needs: business intelligence, reporting in real-time, event detection and publication, migration, progressive application cutover, etc.

Centralized deployment

SQData offers a user-friendly development environment for defining mapping and controlling synchronization between large data sources and targets.

Change data capture

SQData captures transactional data, transforms them on-the-fly and integrates them in real-time into one or more target databases.

SQData features high-performance data replication engines for a wide range of databases.

Optimize ETL processes

SQData optimizes traditional ETL processes by eliminating costly bulk unloading operations.

SQData focuses on modified data and thus provides significant reductions in terms of resource usage and processing time.