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Archiving for “digital publishing”

Archive the original electronic copy of every outgoing document published

Whether their outgoing documents are dematerialized or paper, companies create a very large number of business documents: invoices, account statements, mailouts, etc. This mass of documents is managed as publishing flow for use by printers or digital editing facilities. In most cases, documents need to be archived in order to support business processes or for legal and regulatory purposes.


  • Ensures digital conservation of the original electronic copy of each outgoing document

  • Archives your publishing documents in their original format PDF, AFP, etc.

  • Implements search engine optimization to retrieve documents easily

  • Complies with legal requirements for data conservation

  • Underpins the legal value of original document


  • Archives and indexes AFP and PDF files

  • Retrieves documents in an AFP file and exports them in PDF

  • Ensures legal value of your digital documents

What you can do

- Archive and manage your business data for multiple use according to your needs