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Certified data exchange

Do you need to secure your data exchange and conservation?

Build your secured data conservation and exchange platform

Digitizing creates needs and responsibilities in data conservation and communication whether it is for payslips, contracts, invoices or images. In such circumstances, data security and transactions must be guaranteed.


  • Each user may deposit or access files in an e-vault
  • Allows users to authorize a third-party to consult or deposit files in an e-vault

  • Ensures the integrity of stored documents

  • Puts a time-stamp on every access and action


  • “Registered” function to certify document exchange

  • Cryptographic system to encode e-vault content and data exchanges
  • Certified time stamping to trace every action on the system

  • Electronic signatures

  • Complies with the major standards: NF Z42-013, NF Z42-020, ISO 14641-1

What you can do

- Exchange your data according to a secured protocol
- Give a certified legal value to your documents