Client interface to search, archive or restore documents2017-01-19T12:09:55+00:00

Client interface to search, archive or restore documents

How to familiarize clients with archiving procedures using a simple but comprehensive interface

Your needs

Extended businesses require archiving structure but struggle to deal with the usage of complete archiving tools when only a few elements are required. Also, installing an archiving software suite for each user can become costly, especially when the user only has to perform simple tasks. They also require a simplified user interface answering their needs.


  • Clients can use a web interface without having any archiving software in their machines.

  • Possibility of performing searches, archiving or restoring documents.

  • Compatible with Arcsys, the archiving solution by Infotel.

  • No need to train your users to use Arcsys software.

  • Possibility of customizing archive settings according to your needs.


  • Provides a set of functions for archiving documents found in files and for searching and restoring all types of documents archived in Arcsys and restoring them.

  • Requires a database to host its relational database.
  • Secured solution with a truststore. Each user must have a valid certificate and a private key to interact with the interface.

  • A signature checks the integrity and authenticity of the file and parameters for added security of the transfer.

What you can do

- Respond to your users' archiving needs with simplicity