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Compresses/Encrypts mainframe data

Need to compress online and backup data?

Optimize storage and compress online and backup data

With growing numbers of activities and an increase in collecting all types of data that needs to be processed, companies require greater accessibility to storage units, memory and CPU. Maintaining these resources at a minimum level while guaranteeing data integrity and rapid access to information is a major challenge. Data compression is therefore an ideal solution to save space and its associated cost.


  • The most efficient and highest performing tool on the market.
  • Software or hardware compression according to machine technology.
  • Maximum compression rates (up to 98 %) without complex management of compression tables.
  • Compatible with existing language and utilities, without JCl or program modification.
  • Ensures data integrity by avoiding the use of external compression tables.
  • Optimizes space and data access performance with compression methods based on the latest level of hardware technology.


  • A choice of objective-oriented compression modules

  • No human interaction requred

  • Compression updates keep pace with data updates

  • This is the only product to offer a hardware solution for IDMS or DATACOM sites

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