Connects your database to Big Data2017-01-19T11:53:45+00:00

Connects your database to Big Data

How to acquire business data in real time on your Big Data platform

Your needs

Simplify real-time big data integration for advanced analytics and the real-time use cases that are driving business innovation. Whatever the technology used, the added value of Big Data applications is directly related to the “freshness” of data analysed. Near-real-time data replication technology allows you to stream the most current data in your big data repositories for more accurate business analytics.


  • Delivers operational data into your Big Data platform in live time

  • Connects your traditional business data store to the Big Data

  • Analyzes todays behavior models rather than those of yesterday

  • Unleashes the power of your Business Data without making any changes to existing applications


  • Near real-time and asynchronous data replication to Big Data
  • Connects your relational and non-relational databases including DB2, Oracle, MySQL, SQLServer, Postgre, IMS, etc.

  • Supports major Big Data platforms and Analytic suites including Hadoop, Spark, Cassandra, MongoDB, Neo4j, Kafka, PureData Analytics, Netezza, Terradata, etc.

  • A non-intrusive solution requiring no changes to existing applications

What you can do

- Connect your database to Big Data with confidence and discover innovative features