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Control and monitor mainframe costs

How to respect SLAs while keeping mainframe costs under control

Allocate the right number of MSU to the right place at the right moment

In a mainframe environment, maintaining quality of service can result in having to make financial concessions on MSU cost. Optimizing MSU consumption is an absolute priority for every mainframe manager. On the other hand, providing efficient services is essential for business development. Thus, monitoring MSU consumption and controlling MSU allocation in a dynamic way are the only solutions capable of achieving both SLA compliance and cost optimization.


  • Lowers your MLC costs by managing MSU allocation in a dynamic and automated way
  • Concentrates MSU resources on heavy workloads

  • Avoids business performance issues by avoiding capping

  • Eliminates the complexity of Defined Capacity management


  • Smart Defined Capacity management

  • Dynamic MSU load balancing between the LPARs depending on their behavior and needs

  • Reduces the impact of MSU peaks by focusing MSU resources on heavy workloads

  • New algorism with predictive 4HRA
  • Comprehensive web reporting to better follow up the activity and monitor your System z resources

What you can do

- Optimize your mainframe cost strategy without compromise.