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Digitizes and archives all your data

How to manage the digitalization and archiving process of my data

A unique solution to manage archiving of all types of applications and all types of records

Gains in productivity, processing time and the risk of loss have prompted companies to replace paper processes by electronic processes. This gives rise to new problems linked to the conservation, organization and evidentiary value of digital data. Companies need record management solutions allowing them to consolidate the multiple archival systems spread throughout their organization while ensuring compliance with business requirements, legal and archiving standards.


  • Builds a sustainable and secure archiving platform for all electronic data

  • Meets business requirement and archiving standards

  • Enables simplification in enterprise architecture with a unique solution

  • Ensures long-term conservation of data

  • Helps cut costs and save time


  • Archives documents and data coming from any application: documents, emails, contracts, invoices, voice, ERP, HR, Database records, etc.

  • Adapts service level to business requirements: Availability, Integrity, Confidentiality and Proof service

  • Advanced storage management allowing the implementation of storage strategies

  • Supports all storage technologies on the market, whether online, nearline or offline

  • Complies with the legal constraints and regulations of evidentiary value archiving

What you can do

- Be proactive and dematerialize your administration