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E-mail archiving

Take up the email archiving challenge

Businesses can have many good reasons for establishing an email archiving policy: business continuity, a regulatory requirement, legal discovery, storage management, etc. When many thousands of users sending millions of emails are involved, an industrial and integrated solution is the only way to ensure archiving efficiency and reliability.


  • Ensures the preservation of your users emails

  • Frees up space on your mailing server

  • Implements complex archiving strategies adapted to each type of email

  • Adjusts conservation policies to business and legal requirements

  • Keeps the possibility of retrieving and restoring archived emails


  • Supports both Microsoft Exchange and IBM Lotus

  • Plugin available for Outlook and Lotus Note clients
  • Archiving is performed on demand or automatically based on customized rules
  • Ensures data deduplication to optimize storage

What you can do

- Easily archive and restore your valuable e-mails