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Ensures quality of SQL DB2 applications

Have you specified quality requirements for DB2 applications?
Are they effectively enforced throughout the organization?
Have the developers been proactively trained to apply Best Practices?

Eradicate poor performing SQL while saving maintenance costs

Modern application development requirements require the ability to identify performance issues and ensure long-term maintainability from the design stage. The later in the development process that defects are found, the more difficult they are to fix. The sophistication of the DB2 environment may cause bad SQL to be written. Even if the Result Set is correct, it may be very inefficient or contain ”time bombs”, which result in future failures or major performance problems.

Defining standards and guidelines for developing DB2 applications is essential, but without Quality Assurance methods and procedures, the defined standards cannot be effectively enforced. In a production environment, where many thousands of SQL statements are executed, an automated Quality Assurance workflow is the only way of ensuring compliance with standards.


  • Defines standards and guidelines for DB2 applications

  • Improves maintainability of software developments

  • Detects reliability and performance problems

  • Automatically reviews code quality before merge into production

  • Detects and fixes defects early, from the development phase


  • More than 350 quality rules checked automatically
  • Issues alerts when SQL statements violate critical rules

  • Monitors access paths

  • Carries out simulation by manipulating RUNSTATS values

  • Generates benchmark SQL statements

  • Provides batch mode, ISPF interface and Eclipse Plug-in for developers

  • Shares quality requirements and Best Practices

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