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Evidential purpose archiving

How to preserve the evidential value of electronic archived information

Archiving probative value

Invoices, payslips, accounting data, contracts, tax forms, sale transactions, etc. Businesses have multiple occasions to produce, issue and manage engaging documents and data. For such companies, this results in a need to be capable of providing indisputable proof of compliance with the state of the art in terms of record management and legal archiving. They must ensure that throughout the document’s lifecycle, all contents and authenticity have been preserved as original.


  • Compliance with the demands of legal constraints and regulations of evidentiary value archiving
  • A means of providing the necessary evidence for judicial acceptance of electronic archived information and compliance with major archiving standards: ISO 9660, UDF, ISO 14721, OAIS, NF Z 42-012, DTD EAD, Moreq 2, etc.

  • Ensures traceability and integrity of all your archives

  • Ensures long-term conservation


  • Smart proof management
  • Automatic consolidation of the evidence required for judicial acceptance of archives

  • Advanced protection of archive integrity
  • Traceability of the archive life cycle and the archiving system

  • Certified timestamping system (Protocol RFC 3161)

What you can do

- Reach another level in your archive protection