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Faster the access to your master data

How to access mainframe data up to 100 times faster

In-memory table management to complement DBMS

Reference data represents only a tiny fraction of the total volume of information managed by your systems. However they are accessed on average in more than 80% of transactions. In a conventional DBMS, the transaction performance is limited by internal DB processes and by the speed of the I/ O necessary for the reading and writing process of data on the media.
Managing data directly in memory makes it possible to eliminate I/O and complex processes. This results in a tenfold increase in treatment capacity, lower cost per transaction and high usage optimization of your mainframe resources.


  • Application and data access up to 100 times faster

  • Reduced I/O volume

  • Greater in applications processing capacity for equal power

  • Lower cost of ownership (MIPS, CPU, etc.)


  • In-memory table creation and management

  • User interface for easy access and manipulation of in-memory data

  • API interfaces usable by all types of batches or interactive programs

  • Data sharing between different applications
  • Compatibility with TSO/ISPF, CICS/TS, IMS/TM, Sysplex and DB2

What you can do

- Make your mainframe data more available