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Fastest Load / Unload for DB2

Looking for faster, easier and cheaper Load and Unload utilities?

Change the game in DB2 data management

Developing very different applications (ERP, CRM, Big Data, etc.) requires converting data between heterogeneous environments. Loading, unloading, reloading, transferring and integrating increasing volumes of data is required, involving significant costs. When your business requires faster data availability, significantly reducing processing time is a major challenge.


  • Drastically reduces consumption and processing time for your loading and unloading operations

  • Increases data availability

  • Converts data while loading or unloading

  • Parallelized load / unload operation


  • The fastest DB2 utilities on the market
  • Loads and Unloads from Backups

  • Filters and converts data you need to process

  • Supports other JCL vendors and syntax

What you can do

- Upgrade your DB2 load and unload game
- Access your data quickly / Improve your data availability