In-memory data management for z/OS2017-01-05T10:55:01+00:00

In-memory data management for z/OS

How to increase application performance without maintenance costs sky-rocketing?

Define, build and maintain in-memory tables

Improving database performance while reducing resource usage can be key in effectively managing business processes. When the demand on your mainframe system resources continues to trend upwards caused by growing business activity in addition to new mobile and big data workloads, application optimization becomes essential but challenging to implement and manage properly. In this context, using in-memory tables to contain the most often accessed data is the best-in-class performance optimization solution.


  • Phenomenally fast access to data in the tables
  • Optimizes table search

  • Replaces I/O sort with a virtual sort using alternate indices that can be defined in real time

  • Assembles data from multiple sources into a temporary table for subsequent processing or renderings

  • Places reference data and business rules in read-only tables

  • Replaces complex and slow programmatic logic trees with externalized decision tables


  • In-memory table creation and management

  • User interface for easy access and manipulation of in-memory data

  • API interfaces usable by all types of batch or interactive programs

  • Data sharing between different applications
  • Compatibility with TSO/ISPF, CICS/TS, IMS/TM, Sysplex and DB2

What you can do

- Optimize the data structure in the memory and reduce maintenance costs