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Quality control for DB2 z/OS applications developed on Eclipse based environments

How developers using Eclipse-based IDEs (Eclipse, IBM Data Studio, IBM RDz, IBM RAD) can control the quality and performance of their SQL queries for DB2 z/OS
How to integrate a DB2 Quality Assurance process in an Eclipse-based development environment

Proactive control of developments taking place outside the Mainframe world

Companies need a variety of business software applications such as batch, Web or Mobile Applications. That is why more and more DB2 applications are developed outside the Mainframe world e. g. SQLJ, JDBC or any generated SQL from a persistence API. In this context, integrating a Quality Assurance system directly in the distributed development environment makes it possible to control applications from the development phase, before their effective execution on the Mainframe and deployment at any other stage. Thus, developers can easily remedy reliability and performance issues before testing on the Mainframe and consuming unnecessary CPU. As a result, the level of quality will increase and development will be more efficient. Testers will find and report fewer anomalies due to poor SQL and will therefore have more time to test the business logic and new functionalities.


  • Leverages already-defined enterprise-wide standards to all developments made on Eclipse-based IDEs

  • Checks SQL quality standards on the fly while developing

  • Controls and Explains all SQL from the Eclipse IDE

  • Developers do not need Mainframe skills and learn from the help and user-defined messages
  • Corrects defects early in the development phase and identifies performance issues

  • Easy configuration and intuitive GUI usage


  • Automates quality control processes in line with organizational standards

  • Highlights violations of quality standards in an Eclipse-like graphic interface

  • Runs Multi SQL and analyzes a SQL application within two clicks from editor or explorer views.
    Following programming languages supported: C, C++, SQLJ, Cobol, Assembler, PL/1 and script file.

  • Provides the developer with a detailed explain analysis including support of hidden explain tables.
  • Increases developers’ awareness by explaining quality rules and the complex mechanisms of the DB2® optimizer
  • Efficient integration into Eclipse: QA analysis runs in the background, go to SQL in editor from QA View

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