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Quality dashboard to manage projects

Are you considering having KPI implemented in your organization?
How to get the required global vision to make decisions determining project success.

Key factor for project success: relevant, reliable and actionable indicators

Software apps represent an increasing part of businesses’ assets. Thus, their quality and performance levels must be subject to evaluation and appropriate controls, wherever it occurs in development, acquisition or maintenance phases.

Various and effective software and systems engineering tools are widely used. But they don’t really share and aggregate results. Project stakeholders lack the overall visibility required to take critical decisions essential to project success: cost control and optimization, on-time delivery, work product quality and resource management.

The IT business actors then face then a double requirement:

  • to acquire greater maturity in their project management,

  • and have relevant and actionable indicators for an ever increasing volume of data provided by traditional measurement and assessment tools.


  • The ability to decide and act through Performance Indicators.
  • Accelerated decision-making for more efficient project management.
  • Greater development reliability and lower maintenance costs.
  • Ensures final user satisfaction by sharing KPI and acceptance criteria.

  • Enhanced co-operation between all stakeholders.
  • Broadcasts best practices with a shared quality reference.


  • 3 click rules: Access the information you need in less than 3 clicks, whether you are an IT Manager, Project Leader, End-User or Developer.
  • An impartial and scalable assessment based on normalized and automated checkpoints.

  • Ability to analyze any type of data from its own integrated source code analyzers or from any 3rd party tools.
  • Turnkey models available “out-of-the-box” using best industry standards (e.g. ISO9126, SQALE, etc.).

  • A collaborative role-based dashboard to share quality requirements, practices and assessment models.
  • Fact and secure decision-making engine to generate action plans.

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