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Real-time data replication

How to capture changed records in a database and propagate them to one or several other databases

Use change data capture to synchronize relational and non-relational data in real time

Change data capture is an advanced technology for data replication and database synchronization. It reduces the time and resource costs of data propagation and facilitates real-time data integration across the enterprise. Change data capture technology focuses on detecting transactions that modify records in a database in order to reapply those changes on a target database. It replicates heterogeneous data in real-time to support data migration, database synchronization, event detection, Big Data acquisition, etc.


  • Keeps multiple databases synchronized in an active/active or active/stand-by mode

  • Enhances standard ETL processes by collecting only the data that has changed

  • Eliminates the need for costly bulk data unloads

  • Replicates heterogeneous data between heterogeneous databases (DB2, IMS, Oracle, Postgre, SQL Server, Hadoop, Spark, PureData Analytics, Cassandra, etc.)

  • Detects key business events in real-time

  • Makes your business data available in real-time for Big Data treatment


  • Near real-time and asynchronous data replication

  • Multi-directional replication: Active / Active & Active / Stand-by

  • Supports data capture on relational and non-relational databases including DB2, Oracle, MySQL, SQLServer, Postgre, IMS and files

  • A non-intrusive solution that requires no changes to existing applications

  • Integrates conversion and filter features to transform data during replication

What you can do

- Capture database changes as they occur and/or on a periodic basis.