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Reduces the maintenance cost of DB2

When to plan DB2 maintenance tasks in order to optimize system performance while ensuring data integrity and lower costs

Ensure “return on investment” with every single maintenance operation

Maintenance operations such as REORG and BACKUP are important for performance and ensuring data integrity. Insufficient database maintenance will induce risks and additional costs caused by poor access paths and the extra work DB2 has to accomplish. Excessive and superfluous database maintenance causes unnecessary extra costs. Knowing or being able to compute system data and maintenance costs is essential to determine the optimal frequency and planning for required maintenance operations.


  • Determines the smartest planning for your DB2 maintenance operations

  • Ensures REORG and BACKUP are only performed where and when they will actually make a difference

  • Reduces DB2 maintenance costs by eliminating unnecessary operations

  • Automatically analyses system statistics and costs to ensure ROI for each utility job

  • Automatically and dynamically monitors the execution of your DB2 utilities


  • Smart DB2 utility management planning

  • Cost-benefit-analysis for every maintenance task
  • Automated DB2 utility execution: Reorg, Backup, Load, Unload, etc.

  • Web-based monitoring interface

What you can do

- Save manpower as well as computer resources.