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Smart indexing and search engine

How to implement an efficient search engine on a very large document database without having to maintain a huge index database?

Only index useful information

When archiving thousands of unstructured documents, a text search engine is the only efficient way of retrieving information. Traditional full-text search engines use index lists to answer users’ queries. In most cases, the problem is that this index list is bigger than the document base itself. As the documentary fund grows, the size of the index list explodes inducing extra storage costs, maintenance problems and performance issues.

Adopting a smart indexing strategy makes it possible to index only relevant information, meaning the information used by users in their queries.


  • Indexes very high volumes of unstructured data

  • Only indexes relevant keywords in order to limit the index size needed for providing efficient search results

  • Optimizes storage cost

  • Enables effective research on very large document funds


  • Smart and automated analysis of documents to extract the most relevant keywords

  • Integration of specific and technical vocabulary
  • Automatic correction to smooth variability in document quality

  • Multilingual support
  • Intuitive end-user graphical user interface

What you can do

- Lower your storage needs for index archiving without compromising on search quality