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Xplatform data spreading

How to replicate data from a single source to other multiple targets on heterogeneous environments

The fastest way to connect and share data company-wide

Provide a comprehensive range of data integration and data synchronization solutions that deliver fast time to value. With enterprise wide scalability, integrate disparate data sources and support multiple data delivery styles, enabling frictionless sharing of data across the entire enterprise.


  • Moves data from any source to a range of targets
  • Moves data in any direction, using multiple data delivery styles
  • Moves data with near real time latency
  • Moves only data that is changed
  • Provides the confidence of consistency checking at the speed of data
  • Provides the ability to trigger business events based on data values


  • Synchronizes your data multi-directionally amongst a number of like
    systems for high availability
  • Replicates data changes to a live standby subsystem
  • Replicates changed data to a variety of heterogeneous systems on different platforms and OS to make it available wherever you need your data
  • Implements staged consolidation of data from a variety of heterogeneous systems onto a data warehousing platforms for BI
  • Implements near-real-time conversion and integration of data between legacy systems and new systems
  • Creates a single view of an object, such as an order, from a multiple of differently formatted source versions

What you can do

- Replicate and implement data from one source easily, even in different formats